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Welcome to Premium Pastured Meats

     Premium Pastured Meats is a family-owned free-range and pasture-based farm located in Alliance, Ohio. At Premium Pastured Meats we are dedicated to bringing you high-quality, all-natural products the right way-- not the easy way. We are passionate about ensuring we are producing a top-quality product. 

What sets us apart?

     As our society began to move further away from the basic fundamentals of farming, factory farming became the new norm. At Premium Pastured Meats, we return to farming's original concepts; with the main concern of quality, not quantity.

     The increasing research has been conducted on the health hazards related to factory farming, many have sought after alternative options. Premium Pastured Meats offers a variety of products to provide healthy alternatives at an affordable price.


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Plenty of Fresh Air, Green Grass, & Sunshine Leads to

Premium Pastured Meats

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