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Meet your farmer and founder, SETH SHARP

     My name is Seth Sharp and I am the manager and co-owner of Premium Pastured Meats. Here at Premium Pastured Meats, we have the opportunity to farm the same land that has been in our family for over 100 years. Our family farms just as those would before the emergence of unethical convenience-oriented factory farming emerged. Since the industrial revolution, farming has become mechanized, and factory farming is now the norm. We are excited to farm the way our ancestors did, on the same property that they farmed, in order to bring you the best pastured meats possible.


     With a master's of science in nursing, it has become apparent to me that there are multiple health concerns that are directly related to our diets. At Premium Pastured Meats, we strive to not only bring you the best tasting product that we can, but to also acknowledge the health benefits that our product brings to the table. Our animals are never given any antibiotics or hormones. Instead, they get a hefty dose of fresh air and sunshine. They are not in a feedlot or housed where they are constantly breathing in the aroma of their own feces; they are out in the pasture eating grass and enjoying life. If you take a moment to think about it...which meat would you prefer to eat, factory farmed or local and naturally raised?


     As of now, we do not have any organic or grassfed certification. We are still growing and the time is not right for us to seek an organic certification. However, we will put our practices up against anyone elses; our standards exceed that of an organic certification. From our expierence, a factory farm can still have an organic certification. We welcome guests to our farm to check us out and see where your food comes from. Just give us a call to set up an appointment.



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