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The 100% grass-fed beef is the back bone of our company. Our cattle never recieve anything but grass, just like they are designed to. Cattle are ruminants (mammals with four-chambered stomachs) but have only been fed grain since the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution led to mechanized farming and created a grain surplus. Grain creates a more acidic environment in the animal's intestinal tract and actually hinders the natural digestion of a ruminant. Grass yields a more neutral pH, therefore allowing more natural disgestion. The health benefits of grass-fed beef are numerous and too many to list. A simple Internet search of "health benefits of grass-fed beef" will yield endless results. We use high marbling breeds that are also tender to provide you with the best grass-fed beef available. Many people are suprised at how different grass-fed beef tastes as opposed to grain fed. We like to describe it as a more flavorful product.

100% Grass-fed Beef
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