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New year new focus

This year we are ready to focus more on our online presence. Life can be crazy and the last few years has had us on our toes with things like meat shortages, pandemics (Seth works as an advanced practice nurse) and having 4 kids in 5 years. Despite all this craziness the farm is growing as strong as ever. 2020 had us fearful for a true meat shortage so we responded by increasing chicken production %1000 and opening a storefront to provide our customers with a shopping experience. The storefront also provides some much needed organization with a 10 door display freezer at its base. The display freezer enhances the retail customers experience while also helping us to streamline online sales.

we understand that there is a mail system delay at the current time so any orders will be delayed shipping until at least mid Jan. As always thanks for stopping by and checking us out!


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